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About Us

Established 2015

Founded in 2015 by Fátima Zorzato, INWI can call on over 20 years of experience in the selection, guidance and evaluation of executives.

We are a boutique consultancy that supports companies and investment funds in the processes of hiring, succession planning and professionalization – through exclusive, customized solutions developed for each business.

Among our differentials is the expertise we apply in ensuring that the selection and evaluation of executives includes complete alignment to the values, culture and articles of association of each organization.

Our manifesto

Your company after you

The story of a company and of its entrepreneur can be easily confused. Each trajectory, with its successes, mishaps and lessons learned forges a unique identity that is indistinguishable between creator and creation.

Inevitably however, there comes a time when the two stories need to take separate paths, out of respect for the company and for the entrepreneur, so that the company can evolve and stand alone.

The company must become self-sustaining, an autonomous entity, with new leaders that steer it toward the future. This represents the greatest possible tribute to the legacy of the entrepreneur and to the potential of the company.

The entrepreneur meanwhile has the right – the duty, even – to live new experiences, in which they can dedicate more time to themselves. Perhaps a new enterprise or the desire to spend more time with family.

The mission of INWI is to ponder, prepare and plan  “Your company after you”: capturing values that explain your success, and identifying the challenges for the future, in order to design the transition of the company’s leadership.

But “Your company after you” is also a cry to the entrepreneur: to become the priority and put their interests above those of the company.

Our expertise is in the highest quality integration of these two transitions: new leadership for the company and a new start for the entrepreneur. To ensure that, without failing either side, the future does justice to both sides’ history – and their potential.


Executive search – selection of executives and board members

We support companies in the hiring of leaders through selection of presidents, CEOs, managers and board members.

We use a methodology based on the concept of “search by research”, adapted to the specific demands of each business.

Our evaluation process is robust,  encompassing market mapping, evaluation with a minimum of two face to face interviews and references for all of the candidates.


Executive assessment

We assist companies in the creation of individual and organizational diagnoses to support development initiatives, evaluations of the management team and succession.

We use our own evaluation methodology, including a profiling test and interviews to validate backgrounds, technical competences and leadership skills.

Our process includes structured feedback, both for the organization and the executives, with suggestions for development plans.


Pre-investment assessment

We support investment funds during due diligence processes, with detailed risk mapping, in order to go beyond financial and strategic aspects.

Through evaluation of the management team, we present a diagnosis of the culture, structure, organizational dynamic and leadership style, essential for investment decisions and supporting creation of a shareholders agreement.

Our process includes individual evaluation, an organizational map and structured feedback both for investors and the executives evaluated.


Succession in family-run companies

We support founders and shareholders in the succession process arising from the handover between generations or from the entry of new managing partners (investors or strategic).

We have the experience and methodology to support the founder in succession planning, in the assessment of internal alternatives (executive and family group), in the search for external alternatives and in the creation of a one-hundred-day plan to ensure a positive impact by the new leader.


Mentoring for heirs

We assist family groups in the evaluation and orientation of heirs in steering development toward  executive, board member or entrepreneurial roles.

After agreeing specific objectives and challenges, we structure a process built around the modeling of behavior and the search for insights.

The process includes individual evaluation, and the agreement of an action plan, with recommended reading, case discussion and meetings with executives / shareholders of family companies to exchange experiences and carry out benchmarking.


Fátima Zorzato

Developed her career as an executive in the professional electronics, electronic goods and telecommunications sectors. In 1992, Fátima founded her own executive search boutique, acquired after five years by Russell Reynolds Associates, where she remained for over 17 years as Managing Partner and CEO. During this period, she headed up innumerous search projects and executive evaluations for leadership positions and executive boards in Brazil and internationally.

She has specialized in the succession of CEOs and the evaluation of boards and executives, having assisted private equity funds during due diligence processes to support investment decisions. Has been a member of the Evaluation committee at Insper since 2005, mentor of Endeavor Brasil for over 15 years and participates as a mentor and counsellor for several female empowerment programs. Works with the Diversity Group at IBGC, with the Mentors program for future counsellors. Sits on the committee of the  Winning Woman Brazil program, created in 2014 by EY and participates in the Conselhos Consultivos, (Consulting Advice) for companies participating in Empreendedores. Is a Psychologist, having graduated from Pontifícia Universidade Católica-SP with a specialization from Fundação Getúlio Vargas-SP, as well as development programs in Brazil and abroad.

Renata de Vasconcellos

Over 15 years experience in executive search, working with recruitment and evaluation of high impact leaders. During her career, Renata has led projects in several segments, particularly in the technology, telecommunications and private equity/venture capital sectors.

Associate, consultant and managing partner at some of the main executive search firms in Brazil, including Russell Reynolds Associates & Spencer Stuart. Throughout her career, she has been involved in innovation and digital transformation projects both in Brazil and internationally, having been a co-leader of this practice at Russell Reynolds Associates and at Fesa. Renata is a Psychologist, and a graduate of Pontifícia Universidade Católica-SP.

10 years of experience in executive search and evaluation of executives for C-level and Directors Board positions. Throughout her career, Letícia has worked in several industry segments, especially in private equity and listed companies.

Began her career as a researcher at Russell Reynolds Associates focusing on Technology, Private Equity and CEO & Board Services positions. She became an associate at Spencer Stuart focusing on CEO & Board Services and, more recently, worked as the Head of People and Management at Omega, a renewable energy firm and an invested company of Tarpon and Warburg Pincus. She graduated in International Relations from ESPM.

Ingrid Carvalho

Began her Executive Search career as a Research intern at INWI Consulting. She is currently a researcher, responsible for market mapping, identification and evaluation of potential candidates. Has one year of previous professional experience as a Junior Apprentice in Human Resources and Intern at a library. Studying Languages and Literature at the Universidade de São Paulo. Fluent in English and intermediate level of German.

International Partners

Global Board Advisors – Excellence Connected

INWI is part of an exclusive group of independent and entrepreneurial consultancies, with a team of business leaders across the globe working on strategic projects for the Executive top management and Board level, the GBA – Global Board Advisors.

All our partners share the same values ​​- customer focus and quality of delivery.

Our international partners include:

Chelsea Partners

Dr Bjørn Johansson Associates

Lygon Group

NB LeMercier & Associés

Board Consultants International

Maritana Partners

Board Advisors Japan



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